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Dade County Food Group is a catering company and craft packaged foods distributor operating out of Miami-Dade and serving all of Broward, West Palm Beach and Monroe County. We are highly experienced and have been serving South Florida for the last 10 years. We are composed of 4 chef’s from all different walks of life who specialize in various cuisine’s from all over the world.

Trained in New York, Paris, Japan, Napa, and Miami; our company brings to the table Executive Chef’s, Professional Bakers, a butcher and cheese maker, and a World Class sommelier.

Everything we make is scratch-made with the intention of giving you a product that is fresh, local, and something that we can be proud of. You won’t find any package deal’s here, we create and customize all menu’s for all our clients both personal and corporate. We want you to get exactly what you want; we want you to get everything you want; all while staying at or below the lower end of your budget. All your money is hard earned and our staff make sure their work and execution reflect that.

Our kitchen and bakery churn out craft goods which are distributed nationwide as well as our all-organic grab-and-go product line. We also own and operate a company called Tap Snax which produces and distributes it’s own line of adult snack foods distributing locally and nationally to different restaurants, breweries, vineyards, and distilleries. Having worked closely with farmers markets for the last 5 years we offer a quality of product that you will not find in your grocery stores. We have access to local produce, poultry, beef, cheese, honey, bacon, sausage, seasonings, sauces, jams, jellies, and breads. This allows us to bring you and your guests culinary experiences they’ve yet to have.

Our catering division is fully licensed (Liquor) and insured, and our staff is courteous, respectful, and highly skilled. We pride ourselves in keeping our events running like a well oiled machine. We arrive early and leave when everything is spotless and exactly how we found it. When employed we work tirelessly and exclusively for our clients as you have our sole focus and attention. Phone calls are answered, e-mails are responded to promptly, text messages returned, meetings run on time, problems are solved, solutions are found, and foresight is championed. This may be Miami, but that won’t stop us from being absolute professionals.

It would be our great pleasure to work with you on any event/product you can dream up and create.

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